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Posted 10/30/2023

What Are The Probate Rules In Arizona?

What Are The Probate Rules In Arizona?

What are the probate rules in Arizona? There’s hundreds of them. So there’s two big sections of law that govern probate. The first one is our statutes, and that’s in Title 14. The second one is our probate rules, Arizona Rules of Probate Procedure. The rules are much more like how you file that piece of paper and here’s the deadline and the form you need for this part.

It’s a little bit more administrative and that’s where honestly, a lot of people get tripped when they’re trying to walk through and do a probate. Even other lawyers that I teach will trip themselves up on that.

Law is confusing and part of the reason to work with a law firm is they’ve done it so many times that they know how all the pieces fit together. They can just make it as easy as possible for you.

Rules of probate procedure are what govern the whole process from beginning to end. You’ve gotta get familiar with them if you’re gonna deal with anything after somebody’s passed away, a trust administration or a guardianship or conservatorship. Those are the Arizona rules of probate procedure.


In Arizona, probate is governed by two sets of rules: statutes in Title 14 and the Arizona Rules of Probate Procedure. The probate rules focus on the administrative aspects. Working with a competent law firm can simplify this, as they have experience. This makes the probate process manageable for those dealing with matters after a loved one’s passing.

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